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Otsitakse partnereid LIFE projektile: 

A consortium with public and private partners from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Crete and Rep. Ireland seeks partners for an integrated water management project in Southern Portugal (production of drinking water from desalination of sea/brackish water and of irrigation water reclaimed from wastewater treated by a constructed wetland) intended to be submitted to the LIFE call 2020, deadline July 14, 2020.
Partners requested:
Manufacturers or suppliers of “close to” or “market ready” technologies with a minimum TRL of 6/7, in particular relating to any of the following:
·       Cavitation engines in terms of an AOP (advanced oxidation process for water and wastewater treatment), disinfection from pathogens and process intensification in anaerobic digesters (sewage sludge biogas fermenters), of which one should be suitable for mobile services by truck / skid mounted / container based
·       PV power station equipment (PV panels, mountings, battery storage, inverters, etc.)
·       Technologies for chemical free desalination of salt and brackish water
·       Anaerobic digesters (biogas reactors, biogas cleaning and upgrading), Biogas2BioH2 reformers and H2 fuel cells
In case the required partners are not found in time for the deadline, contacts may be invited to join the consortium for alternative funding opportunities.

In case of interest please contact: (on holiday from 6-12 July) or


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Garage48 on avaldanud soovi osaleda mõnes LIFE projektis. Rohkem infot: 


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