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Garage48 on avaldanud soovi osaleda mõnes LIFE projektis. Rohkem infot: 


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Leedu ettevõte Klappir Lithuania otsib LIFE projektile partnerit.

About company (EN): Klappir Lithuania is a subsidiary company of Icelandic company Klappir Green Solutions, that creates, develops and distributes software for environmental management that can be applied to all sectors of industry and public authorities.

Product (EN): Klappir Lithuania is distributing software that records both manual and automatically logged data on assets, power, energy, water, waste and other GHG emitting actors. This is done both by connecting to existing monitoring equipment or by installing new KLAPPIR data recording solution. By processing and analysing the recorded data an environmental profile is automatically generated. The software packages are interconnected through a platform which directs and shares the analytical information to selected stakeholders and partners. The software also supports the user to minimize waste and emission and publish and report results. It generates ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) Statements and helps to prepare a Sustainability Report when needed.

Klappir services and solutions enables its clients to reduce their environmental footprints, guide processes of legal compliance, increase environmental transparency and create environmental accounting. Its services and solutions also enable authorities to monitor environmental progresses on local, national and international level.

We are looking for partners that would need such a tool as Klappir software in order to fulfill their projects.